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תמונה של עופרי אליעז




"...For me, Ladino is the ancient tunes and the enchanted melodies, which survived oceans of time. It's the connection of a mother who sings to her daughter. generation after another, keeping the legacy of the Spheradic Jewish people..."



Ofri Eliaz recieved her first degree ( BFA) in music Jazz Performance from Mannes School of Music ,The New School University, N.Y.C.

 She also recieved her masters degree  (MA)  in Music Therapy from New York University , N.Y.C where she specialized in the use of the voice in therapy.
During these years performed all over the U.S with a program of Ladino and Israeli songs.
In 2003 came back to Israel and released her first CD of Ladino songs: "Ya salio de la mar". She appeared on several T.V and radio shows. 


Ofri Eliaz

  performance artist and a Music therapist

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! עברתי לתל אביב !

מוזמנים ליצור קשר על מנת לקבוע

 שיעורי פתוח קול או מפגשי תרפיה במוזיקה וקול! המלצות על השיטה מפי תלמידים- בהקלקה על


פתוח קול  

 TL: 0507-992285


Ofri is a member of I.C.E.T: the Israeli Association of Creative & Expressive Therapies.
She continues to both perform and engaged in music therapy.

Teaches at Levinsky college as well as Bar Ilan university at the MA program department for music therapy. The  course is about the use of the voice  as a primary healing tool in music therapy.

These days I'm going into the recording studio-

to work on new metirials for her next album of Hebrew songs.



  All my love, Ofri.

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